imagesThe country was hit with this Artic Vortex and I was not immune from the repercussions.  Everyone on Facebook was talking about it, complaining about it, and making fun of it.   One of the funniest things was news clips from LA siting their low temps (oh heavens! 60 degrees!) .

But, what I wanted my clients and potential clients to know was what and how “word of mouth” advertising works without you ever knowing.   Let me set the scene.

Arctic Vortex temps in Metro Detroit were brutal my iPhone was showing -13 degrees with a windchill of -37 degrees, which has happened before and it is winter in Michigan after all.   But, then the temperature in my house started dropping while it was -13 degrees and I started to panic.  So, what do I do?  I have one friend in Heating and Cooling but he lives in Florida.  So, I do the next best thing.  I post a HELP message on Facebook and look what happened.


Within minutes I had personal recommendations of heating and cooling people my friends have used in the past.  Eureka!  Help was soon on the way and within the hour I had John from  Three Stripes Heating and Cooling at my house assessing the situation.

My heat is on and we are warm and John is stunned how many calls he is getting from Facebook.   John is growing his business because of Facebook.  With Facebook Marketing it’s about your customers remembering you, by seeing you in their newsfeed and then signing your praises.

What business owners need to understand is, it’s NOT WHO YOU KNOW, it’s WHO KNOWS YOU!   So many people will gladly pay $60,000 for a three month billboard where people may or may not pay attention to it.  Or, some buy expensive four color ads in local magazines for thousands of dollars a month.

What are your customers saying about you?  You won’t know until you try Social Media Marketing.

2014 is the year to get serious about it.