My name is Theresa Gorski, and I have loved Social Media since it’s inception.  As my profiles say, I’m a Social Media Addict, Facebook Marketing, SEO, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Wife, Mom, Sports Fan, and MidWest Gal.  I am also a basketball mom!   I am based out of the Metro Detroit area where I was born and raised.  I am first generation American and in Detroit there is a slogan: “Detroit Hustles Harder” and I pretty much abide by that and my first generation up bringing.  (YES, my first job out of high school was in an Auto Plant to help pay for college!)  THAT was an experience in itself that merits a book.

I am probably the only Social Media Manager that will come into you business and meet the team.  I love going into my clients businesses and find out what is really going on.  Because social media is about building a relationship with your customers or clients.  Now, it is harder to do with out of state clients , but, there is away to get the feeling of your business and we will figure that out together.  Know that teaching and coaching Social Media to companies and groups is my other love, to help you with your personal and business goals. Face it, you can purchase courses prerecorded and you can have live training, and live and in-person is what I love to do.  I learn best hands-on and auditory, and you may be different.  You need to find something that can work for you.


You need to know that, 93% the people who are going to do business with you already know who they will be buying from before they visit you.  Why do they know?  They have checked your website,  social media, Googled you, and they know the price points.  So your website, social media and reviews are important to you and to your customers.  I see so many small businesses skimp on the social media and it makes you look uninvolved with your customers and behind the times.  Also, my background includes medical sales and marketing for the most part and let me say that customer service is still very important and if I see your customer service can be improved I will let you know.  Bad customer service is a huge pet-peeve of mine.  ( Ask me about the Sear’s story)

I look forward to sharing information with you through my blog with good information you can use.  Better yet, I would love to get to know you and your business and help you tackle the maze of social media madness!