dalecarnegiebookI consider myself a social media lover or even a social media addict because I’ve been using social media since about 2007.  I was actually on social media in 2006 ,which is when it pretty much started to take hold and the early adopters were on social media.


I study social media every single day and yesterday I was able to listen to a lecture from an author named Ted Rubin who wrote the book “Return on Relationships.”


In the interview Ted Rubin said he thinks that the best marketers are sales people.  I have to agree that’s true because, that is my background.  As a salesperson, first thing you do is when in somebody’s office in a look around,  you look at the school they went to,  look at if they have any children, you look  to see what their interests are.  Basically, you look to make a connection between the two of you.  There is no difference between what a good salesperson does and what you do with your social media profiles.


Let’s look at this from a digital perspective. We can look into the lives of our customers where they live ,what they like, if they have children, and with their interests are.  I urge you to take a look at the people that have liked your business page.   Who are they? Where they live?  What are their likes?  We now have an open-door to so many people’s lives and businesses through their Facebook pages,  their Twitter accounts through LinkedIn profiles, and many other blogs and other social media tools.


We need to look at this information and make a human connection.  People are craving human connection.


Ted Rubin, started using the term Return on Relationships -ROR rather that ROI.  The way, Ruben explains return on relationships, is how do many small businesses get to where they are today?  It’s through word-of-mouth it’s through relationships.  It’s by knowing their customers, it’s knowing them by name ,known Mary’s likes and dislikes,  and the their customers telling their friends, and their friends using them and telling their friends!  That is what social media is today-but now it’s digital !


Do you know what the first book written on social media is? Dale Carnegie,  How to Win Friends and Influence People written in 1936.  I think we need to revisit that book.