Facebook- Pay to Play!


Some days with a blog you don’t even know where to start.  Plus, wanting to keep it short and sweet so people will get something out of it.


So, here’s the newsflash, you have to pay to play on Facebook when it comes to your business page!!!  If you were ahead of the rest and started your Facebook business page 5 years you already have fans.  With your Facebook likes, you need to make sure you keep them interested with the content and information.  You may need to spend some money on Facebook ads to keep people seeing them.


The new clients I’m running into now want to start a Facebook business page. But, they don’t want to spend money on ads, so, guess what happens?  That’s right! They get no likes.  That makes them sad and mad!  It makes me absolutely miserable.


So clients, to everyone out there, if you want to start your business Facebook page today, and want people to get “likes” you must spend a minimum five dollars a day on Facebook ads.  For the money it’s the best rate going considering that the average Facebook user spends 58 minutes a day on Facebook!  Not to mention, on average they have about 230 friends.  Oh, and the demographics!


When the person who is working on your business Facebook page tells you it’s time to buy ads ,listen to them, it might not be a bad idea