Buyer Beware: Package Websites, SEO and Social Media

If you are offered the moon and the stars to take care of all your SEO, Website Design and Social Media, RUN! It has been my experience that the sales people although it sounds like they know what they are talking about , they are secretly are hoping you don’t.

That was my experience until I was seeing money fly out of a small business I was working at and decided to educate myself about WordPress, Web Design and Social Media. The small business that was spending the so called “minimum” of $1800 per month. for the service, dropped that cost down $600 a month for better service and results.

I’m seeing many smart medical professionals falling for this “package.” It usually in their speciality such as Medical Spa Package for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Then what happens is, all the site look similar and all the posting for Social Media are the same. No thought is given to what their Brand is.

Brand is everything. Your brand is your staff, the look of your business, your business’s personal mission and you as a person. Your brand portrays the “image” you want. Not some generic website that really has no personality.

The same goes for your Social Media. People want to work with other people, they want to see your employees, your customers want tips, good content, links to article that will be of interest to them that relates back to your business. After all, Social Media is to engage your customers and grab their attention and go behind the scenes of your business to make them engaged and loyal customers who recommend you to their friends-thus increasing your business.

So when the snake oil salesperson with all the answers in one package shows up don’t jump on it with looking at other options. Ask other business owners who have great websites and social media, who is doing theirs. Only then will you get the results you need and expect.

Terry Gorski